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OCS Failed during Forest Preparation ( Forest Prep. )

Posted by Mino on October 1, 2008

OCS Server Failed during forest Prepration although the domain prep worked fine.Reading the logs doesn’t turn up anything obvious in terms of what fields are not available.

Failure [0xC3EC78CA] At least one built-in display specifier object could not be found. Please make sure all display specifier objects were created successfully during DcPromo process by checking log files (%Windir%\Debug\Dcpromohelp.log and %Windir%\Debug\Csv.log).

Realizing that Prep Forest adds the required OCS containers, you may have a write error or you could have problems with your AD schema.

This issue may occur if the Display Identifiers object cannot be located in Active Directory. 

To solve this problem:

1-Click Start, click Run, type cmd in the Open box, and then click OK.

2- Type the following command, and then press ENTER:
csvde -i -f %windir%\system32\mui\dispspec\dcpromo.csv -c DOMAINPLACEHOLDER domain distinguished name (DN) -j %windir%\debug -k

                 * Replace domain distinguished name (DN) in the command with the DN of the domain, such as dc=domain_name,dc=local.

For more Info check Microsoft KB

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