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Cisco Call Manager 5.1 PBX Configuration Note

Posted by Mino on October 9, 2008

Cisco Call Manager 5.1 PBX Configuration Notes

This topic provides link to configuration notes for Cisco Call Manager 5.1 that have been created and tested by Microsoft . When Microsoft or a partner deploys Exchange 2007 Unified Messaging with a new IP gateway and PBX or IP PBX configuration, the prerequisites and configuration settings are documented. This information is used to create a configuration note.

PBX configuration note contains information about how to deploy Exchange 2007 Unified Messaging with a specific telephony configuration including the manufacturer, model, and firmware version for the IP gateways, IP PBXs or PBXs. In addition, each PBX configuration note also includes other information such as:

  • Contributors in authoring the configuration note.
  • Detailed prerequisites, including the following:
    • Features that have to be enabled or disabled on the PBX.
    • Specialized hardware that has to be installed.
    • Is an IP gateway required?
    • Features that must be present on the IP gateway if one is needed.
    • Specific cabling requirements between an IP gateway and a PBX.
    • A list of Unified Messaging features that may not be available with a given telephony configuration

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