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Application Notes for Microsoft Office Communicator Clients with Avaya Communication Manager Phones

Posted by Mino on November 17, 2008

These Application Notes describe the configuration procedures for enabling Microsoft Office

Communicator (MOC) clients to operate Avaya Communication Manager phones. The MOC

client and Microsoft Office Communications Server (OCS) provide the user with multiple

modes of communications, such as Instant Messaging (IM), voice, and video. The

configuration steps described herein focus on the TR/87 integration between Avaya

Application Enablement Services and Microsoft OCS. The TR/87 integration allows MOC

clients to make and answer calls on Avaya Communication Manager phones, as well as

perform basic call control operations such as hold/retrieve, transfer, and disconnect.


2 Responses to “Application Notes for Microsoft Office Communicator Clients with Avaya Communication Manager Phones”

  1. Michael said

    Hi to anyone,

    the document above describes ocs-acm-rcc with an Enterprise CA (requires min. W2k3/W2k8 Enterprise Server to issue the built Certificate-Template with Client/Server Auth.) and works so far.

    But what to do if you have a customer with a Standalone CA and OCS Enterprise.
    There is a manual called “Avaya Aura™ Application Enablement Services Implementation Guide for Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007”
    In that case it describes the way to change the Server Certifacate for the FE to use the FE-Cerificate-wizard. But if you do that this way you are getting a (Webserver)Cert without Client-Auth. and won’t work.
    If you do it manually by a request via Webenrollment and add the OIDs for Client/Server Auth. it will even not work. I got it running in this way with an OCS Standard but not with an OCS/Enterprise.In my eyes because of the missing SAN (Subject Alternate Names (sip.dom/ocsmachine.dom/entpool.dom)) in the Certificate. Clear a Standalone CA doesn’t support SAN’s by default. Any ideas for that constellation? Anyone got the TR87 Channel running with AES and OCS? Thx in advance.

  2. I cant wait anymore! Microsoft Templates…

    […]Application Notes for Microsoft Office Communicator Clients with Avaya Communication Manager Phones « Mino – The UC Guy[…]…

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