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OCS Integration with AVAYA ( 1 of 2 )

Posted by Mino on February 1, 2009

Hi all,

As i have promissed you that I will be back with lots of great information regarding the AVAYA integration.

here we go , i was working with a huge client in Dubai where he has just purchased an AVAYA IP-PBX along with Sip Enablement Server ( SES ) and AVAYA Application Enablement Server ( AES ) .

ok first of all lets us all memorize these two terms , AVAYA SES and AVAYA AES because we will be talking about them both allot.

There are two stories for the AVAYA-Microsoft integration , the AVAYA story and the Microsoft story. we will talk about both stories and the integration idea from each vendor , the limititions from each way of integration along with the pros and cons.

Microsoft Story :

For Microsoft the integration with AVAYA is simply by dealing with them as two separate IP-PBX where Microsoft has an extensions of 3xxx for example and AVAYA with extensions of 7xxx .where you need to create a SIP trunk between both of them to be able to call from here to there and vise verse.

This assures microsoft that the call processing will happen in the Mediation server , which is the target of Microsoft in order to help its users to move to the Microsoft IP PBX concept bit by bit.

for this type of integration you will need AVAYA SIP enablement server only which shall give the AVAYA communication manager the SIP capability to communicate with other system , in this SES we will configure a sip trunk for the 3xxx extensions to route to the mediation Server over TCP-IP port 5060 or through TLS over 5061 after you configure the certificate on the SES Server.

below is a diagram for this type of integration .
























Good Thing :

1- AVAYA SES is not costy at all  , 2-Full featured OCS capabilities including conferencing,  3- you can do dual forking workarround by adding AVAYA extensions as the similtaniously ring another number in OCS

Bad thing:

no dual forking between AVAYA and OCS which means that each person will have two extensions .

in my oppenion , no Big deal …the client was so happy with this scenario because the second AVAYA scenario will cost him 60$ per users license plus it will not provide him with all capabilities of OCS ( the conferencing for example is dimmed )

in the Second article we will discuss the second way of integration through the AVAYA AES Server


2 Responses to “OCS Integration with AVAYA ( 1 of 2 )”

  1. Leo said

    Hi, I installed OCS 2007 R2 integrated with Avaya AES user configured with RCC, the system go fine and users can call via MOC and Phone.
    The problem is when i made a multiple video call, i have a error that says cannot locate and the phone extension that user that made conference, but if i press retry button confenrence session begin.

    I hope that you can help me.

  2. Ghouse said

    Hi Mino,

    We are planning for an RCC integration of Avaya phones with OCS R2. Can you please let me know what applications that we need to have from Avaya side (CSAT applicance) etc.


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