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OCS 2007 R2 Response Group Service

Posted by Mino on February 4, 2009

Below are some snapshots from our LAB to represent how the response group service will look like from the agent side.

I have configured a group with memebers , also i have configured a call workflow to ask whether for English language or arabic language .

In the below snapshot , both fady and Rami are two help desk agents who are logged in . when the call comes both parties recieve the call.


















when Rami answers the call , it gives him information about the call flow that the client used in order to get connected to him . on the other hand Fady recieves a confirmation that Rami has answered the call .


6 Responses to “OCS 2007 R2 Response Group Service”

  1. Matt Freestsone said

    Hi, I’ve setup response group on R2 (which is AWESOME by the way!) but I’m not getting the call flow information submitted to the answering agent. What did you do to enable this? (Where it says how long the person has been waiting, and what questions they answered to get there.)

  2. JP Breton said

    Hi Mino,

    Looks like you are the only one that has actually deployed Response Group Service. 🙂

    I am having an issue that is driving me nuts:

    Running OCS R2 Standard Edition and here is what I have done so far:

    – Created an agent
    – Created an agent Group
    – Created a Queue
    – Created a Holiday set

    I then created a Contact Object using the RGSCOT.exe command line tool.

    So far so good.

    Then I went to the web Page: “Response Group configuration Tool” : https://server.contoso.com/rgs/deploy/default.aspx

    But all I see is the Response Group configuation Tool Web page….with no option the create a New Workflow.

    I see : “Click the Edit link next to the workflow you wish to manage” but I don’t see any links???

    thanks for any help


  3. Mike said

    Have you enabled IIS on the OCS server? I had this very same issue. If you choose to create a new workflow are you able to go to the webstie then?

  4. Hi Guys,

    Had the same issue. It seems the administrator is not part of the group RTCUniversalServerAdmins by default. As the RGSOT docs indicate you need to login using a member of that group I checked the group and needed to add administrator to it. Once I did and logged in again I got the option to create a workflow. Hope it solves your issue as well.

    Jurgen (OCS newbie)

  5. Joel Gillies said

    Hello Mino,

    I assume you were able to deploy the Arabic language pack for the response group? I’ve been trying to deploy the Spanish language pack so I can build a workflow in Spanish, but after installing the language pack and the Response Group language pack, I still have no language option other than English on the Response Group Config Tool.

    I must be missing something.


  6. Stéphane said

    Hi Joel,

    To be able to select Spanish in the config tool (i.e., in the drop down “language” when you create a new workflow), you need to:
    – install the appropriate language pack
    – run rgslang.exe (one of the OCS reskit tools) on one of the front end of your pool.
    More info can be found here: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/dd441219(office.13).aspx

    Hope it helps.


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