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Communicator 2007 R2 Custom Tabs Custom Tab not showing up

Posted by Mino on February 5, 2009

Issue: Custom Tab not showing up
OCS Platform: OCS 2007 R2 Standard running on Windows 2008
OS/Client Running Windows Vista x32 with MOC 2007 R2.
Application: Response Group app.. Configured my MOC user as a a formal


as per the Microsoft R2 guide for the Custom tabs I Created local tab.xml file and configured registry to point to it per
MS documentation:

Registry key :   TabURL REG_SZ file:///c:\Tabs.xml.


and the XML file was like the below 

<?xml version=”1.0″?>
<name>Response Group Tab</name>
<tooltip>Response Group Tab</tooltip>


I am able to browse to both the PNG and tab.aspx using I.E without
prompts or warnings. Has anyone run across this?



The Problem was simply with the below line :


In the original Microsoft guide it is mentioned to write <contactid>true</contactid> in the XML file , simply change it to false and it will work fine.

7 Responses to “Communicator 2007 R2 Custom Tabs Custom Tab not showing up”

  1. voipen said

    I opened a ticket w/ Microsoft and here is their answer I received in bold. Basically The RTC Team reassigned the purpose of ContactID and removed the OnSelectionChange Function. So there are no more dymanic tabs in which you can send the contact SIP URI to a webpage and update your tab – now there is only static web pages . Also the OCS R2 documentation is incorrect in that it states OnSelectionChange is still avaiable but it is not. Also RTC went back to using GET and POST statements on the Contact Cards which open up a web browser.

    Microsofts Replies

    The Communicator R2 client tab functionality has changed from what it was in Communicator 2007. In OC 2007 you could pass the contactID parameter to tabs that were listed at the bottom of the Communicator contacts display. Microsoft has changed the use of tabs in OC 2007 R2 such that you can only display static tabs at the bottom of the Communicator contacts display area. The previous functionality has been moved to the tabs at the bottom of the contact card for each user. So if you wanted to access contact sensitive data you need right-click on the user and choose “View Contact card”.

    See Configuring Custom Tabs in Communicator 2007 R2

    ELEMENT contactid (“true” | “false”)
    Determines whether the tab appears in the contact card. Tabs defined without contactid or with contactid=false will appear only in the Communicator window. Tabs defined with contactid=true will appear in the contact card, and Communicator will pass the selected contact to the defined page. The default value is “false.”

    If you have set

    true => the tabs that would normally be present at the bottom of the OC 2007 display area is now moved to the contactcards, and then the contact sip URI will be passed to the tabs that now appear in the contact card.

    Here is a statement from RTC Core:

    In R2 the extensibility of Communicator enforces a more strictly defined user experience. In our product roadmap going forward, the Contact Card will gain prominence, and in order to prepare for those upcoming changes, we slightly modified the API behavior of the Custom tabs to display tabs using the ContactId=true to appear in the Contact Card and to be contact specific.

  2. Mino said

    Thanks for this very good update

  3. We have an ActiveX plug-in developed for MOC that snaps into the client using the custom tabs options. In previous versions of MOC, we could resize the window to minimize/maximize the area used to display our custom tab.

    In R2 however, it looks like the size of the area used to display custom tabs is fixed.

    Is there any way to change this setting?

  4. Anne said

    OS/Client Running Windows 7 with MOC 2007 R2
    I have this problem , it can’t fix .

  5. […] https://theucguy.wordpress.com/2009/02/05/communicator-2007-r2-custom-tabs-custom-tab-not-showing-up/ […]

  6. Barbatsalos Dimitris said

    Thank you very much! It worked like a charm!

  7. Christopher Moore said

    Security updates for Windows XP/Vista/7 and Office2007/2010 published on 8th March 2011 have stopped my TAB from working in Communicator, anyone seen this or know of workaround

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