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Tanjay (LG-Nortel) “Cannot download certificate because domain is not accessible. If the problem persists, contact your system administrator”

Posted by Mino on February 20, 2009

I had this problem with the Tanjay new phone when I plugged it to my DHCP network and i was not able to find the problem .

However after little trials i found the below solution.

 Normally there is two ways to logon to Active Directory:

1.       Domain\username

2.        username@domain.local


I was getting this certificate error because I was trying username@domain.local  however I have found that if you log into the phone using domain.local\username


The phone is able to find the domain and download the certificate.


I found this out while doing a packet trace on the phone one day and found this search behavior


Netbios AD name: test

UPN Suffix: test.local

DNS Suffix: abc.com – this is given to the phone via DHCP

 So the DNS queries from the phone was this


Away from all these complicated trace like stuff, if you want to solve this problem just login with domain.local\username   and it will work fine  J

6 Responses to “Tanjay (LG-Nortel) “Cannot download certificate because domain is not accessible. If the problem persists, contact your system administrator””

  1. smfjqa said

    Hello, Very nice site. Universe help us, dont worry man.

  2. Tony Krijnen said

    Cool! That helped me to solve my problem with the phone!
    Thanks for blogging this 🙂 Tony.

  3. tg said

    Thank you. It was very helpful article.

  4. Stephen said

    Instant on! I thought I had DHCP settings wrong. We are a dual-homes-domain currently with the machine in one domain and Lync services in a different domain. This helped a bunch! Thanks man!

  5. […] 5. Start the device and logged in as “domain.comusername” not just domainusername here is why: https://theucguy.wordpress.com/2009/02/20/tanjay-lg-nortel-cannot-download-certificate-because-domain… […]

  6. Eduardo Rojas said

    thanks for this, it help me out!

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