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Customizing Exchange UM Auto Attendant

Posted by Mino on March 24, 2009

 When you normally configure your Exchange UM auto attendant, here is the normal greeting that you will hear:

“Welcome to the Exchange Auto Attendant. Use the key pad to spell the name of the person you are calling, last name first, or to spell their e-mail alias, press the # key twice. If you know the extension, press the # key.”

One of our clients requested to change the Auto Attendant to give him in the end the below experience:

“Welcome to Company ABC, please dial the extension of person you are calling”

Which means that we need to remove the following parts from the Greeting:

·         Name lookup

·         The # key

In the end this was done by the below command from the exchange shell and of course we used a custom greeting for the first custom welcome part.

Set-UMAutoAttendant -Identity “test” –NameLookupEnabled $false

Replace “test” with the name of your Auto Attendant

Also the client asked if that greeting can be interrupted , we tested that and it appeared that it can only be interrupted after the first wav file ends which is “ welcome to the exchange auto attendant “  .

If you tried to interrupt before this greeting ends then you will hear a sorry message , however you can enter any digits and interrupt the greeting right after that 3 seconds part. 

One Response to “Customizing Exchange UM Auto Attendant”

  1. the Don said

    Can you please inform how we customize the attendant to dial the extension coz even if we disable namelookup the menu sounds right but when we dial the extension is says its invalid.

    Donald Ambrose

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