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OCS 2007 R2 Server Loses network connection on Server Startup

Posted by Mino on May 13, 2009

As strange as this might sound to you but this is the latest case I have faced which in the end appeared to be a known bug and Microsoft Premiere Support were able to solve it after 3 weeks of investigation


So you have OCS 2007 R2 implemented over Windows 2008 and the Backend is placed on SQL 2008 on windows 2008 server. The below roles are all implemented on windows 2008:

  • Front End 1
  • Front End 2
  • Mediation
  • Consolidated Edge not joined to the domain


When you restart any OCS server you cannot remote access to that server again, the Ping over the server is lost and when you go and check the server you find the network is disconnected.

If you went through all of the OCS Server services you will find them all are in the mood of starting and it will take it like 10 minutes then it will fail to start .

If you set these OCS Services to manual start rather than Automatic then reboot. You will find that the server is functioning normally.

This is really a very strange problem and I never faced it before as I have already implemented the OCS on 2008 but I still up to this moment don’t know the symptoms that causes this problem to happen.


– Set startup type for wmiApSrv to automatic

– Add dependency on RtcSrv to wmiApSrv

– Set startup type for RtcSrv to automatic

– Reboot

– RtcSrv is starting and running

– Set startup type for all Rtc* services to automatic

– Reboot

– All Rtc* services starting and running


To set the RTCSrv service dependency you can use the registry to modify the following:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\RtcSrv and modify the DependOnService to include the wmiApSrv.

8 Responses to “OCS 2007 R2 Server Loses network connection on Server Startup”

  1. Preston Gallwas said

    I’m having an issue similar to this…all of the sudden after reboot RTCSRV fails to start, but I can start it manually. Pain in the back end!

    Going to try this after SP2 finishes installing (grr)

  2. Jeremy Marut said

    Mino, yet another identical issue we’re having here, I’m glad I ran across your posts. We’re part of the OCS voice pilot and no one has seen this issue before. I tried your workaround. It worked with the Front-end service dependant on wmiApSrv. However, once I went and set the rest to automatic, the problem returned. I went and made all other OCS services dependent on the front-end service then we were much better, but still at about 15 minutes to reboot, down from 30.

    I continued to have issues with Conferencing Announcement, Conferencing Attendant, Response Group and Web Conferencing services which then set to Automatic (Delayed Start), brought the time down to about 10 minutes. I then wondered if I could just go and set all services to delayed start so I did. I kept the dependencies in place, but set all to delayed start, we have the box coming up within 5 minutes now.

  3. Mino said

    Hey Jeremy ,

    I am glad you found the Posts helpfull to you , yeah that problem in specific got me real crazy .
    but i dont recomend you set the other services to be over the front end …It worked fine by me on all services and the server starts in 2 minutes .
    I dont know what is diffirent but try to lookup if you see the same errors in the event log that you were seeing before you do this fix .
    those one of not being able to send health status bla bla bla

  4. fishburger said

    I had the same problem. Unfortunately the fix you specificed didn’t fix the problem for me so I did a complete reinstall.

    This error happen to me after the SCCM and SCOM agent were installed and the server rebooted. I wonder if this had anything to do with it.

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    So I have a history of getting interesting projects, whether they start out relatively simple or are complex from the start. Sometimes, the seemingly standard/not-out-of-the-ordinary deployments end up with the most obscure problems. So far, I’ve only…

  6. Mino said

    Update on this issue is found on the below article

    also same information is available on

  7. […] have seen similiar problems talked about in the below blogposts: by Mino – The UC Guy: https://theucguy.wordpress.com/2009/05/13/ocs-2007-r2-server-loses-network-connection-on-server-start… by Aaron Tiensivu: […]

  8. wes said

    I have tried both methods and neither work, I still have the same issue on my win2008 front-end server. Very annoying!

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