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The UC Guy Awarded 2009 Microsoft MVP

Posted by Mino on July 2, 2009

First Of all I am Egyptian and Proud to be
We have the Pharos Beliefs in our blood that simply Nothing is Impossible and Sky is the limit Always.

Yesterday at 1 AM I received the Congratulations e-mail for the Award of 2009 MVP in Unified Communications.

That really felt so awesome , specially that I remembered from 10 years I had the dream to Achieve an MCP Certificate and Hold Microsoft Card in my hands  , then later I wished to have Direct communications with The Microsoft Guys , later I Wished to have my Own Blog and to actually have something useful to write in it.

That MVP Dream came to my mind last year and I thought how far that could be. Today I have Achieved this Dream and I am very happy with it, I owe it to God who has been always taking care of me and giving me all the good things.

Thanks …Like Kaka Says: I Belong To Jesus


5 Responses to “The UC Guy Awarded 2009 Microsoft MVP”

  1. Congrats of your buddy in the Netherlands (Joachim Farla – OCS MVP)

  2. Hey, congrats! I have been following your blog for a while and find lots of useful information here, I sometimes link to it from my own blog. To become a MVP is a great achievement and I hope maybe someday I would be considered for an MVP award 🙂

  3. Hey UCGuy, thanks by your MVP Award…Welcome a team.
    I´m from Brazil and Exchange MVP since 01/2008.

  4. Chris Heyn said

    Many congratulations Mina, i have even referred MS guys to your blogspot as the information is first class.

  5. Dankennedy said

    Congratulations and thankyou for your knowledge and expertise. God bless mate

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