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Communicator for Mac 2011 Deployment Guide

Posted by Mino on October 8, 2010

From the Blog of Jonathan McKinney


Features Available

  • Calendar based presence
  • Presence in other Office for Mac applications
  • Outlook Out of office messages in Mac Communicator
  • Invite multiple people to conference
  • Join conf: meetings from an outlook Invite
  • Enterprise Voice supported
  • OCS 2007 R2 support (OCS 2007 RTM is not)

Not available

  • Access Level for Contacts
  • Call forwarding
  • Receiving calls on mobile devices
  • Voicemail access from Mac Communicator
  • Scheduling of conferences in Outlook
  • Desktop sharing
  • No mention of Live Meeting

I am extremely pleased with the progress the Mac Communicator team has made. I expect the user experience with Lync to fill in some of the holes above with the Reach client. Finally, the Mac user can join the rest of the Unified Communications fun!

Here is the link to the Mac Communicator Deployment Guide. Enjoy!

3 Responses to “Communicator for Mac 2011 Deployment Guide”

  1. Vu said


    Have you tested Enterprice Voice feature? I have enable EV on my account but the dial pad doesn’t appear. The Cisco IP Phones call call me and I can call back as long as I have them in the contact list. Just can’t not dial a number. Is there a hidden option to enable dial pads?


  2. Anthony said

    I am having the same issue.
    I can log on one machine with user A and dial pad appears, log off and log on User B ( on same machine) and no dial pad.
    Both users are EV enabled.

  3. Vu said

    You should compare the setting between User A and B. Actually I don’t know what happen but after I create Address Book sever phone normalization rules, my user can see the dial pad. The user should have a valid phone number according to the rules.


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