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How to Enable HD Video for Lync 2010

Posted by Mino on October 28, 2010

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One that might save a little bit of time for those folks wanting HD video for peer to peer calls between Lync clients…
You have to allow the maximum resolution to support HD 720p video – to do this you need a specific powershell cmdlet. Here’s how:

Set-CsMediaConfiguration -Identity:Global -MaxVideoRateAllowed HD720p15m

Restart the Lync Front End service and video calls can now utilise any 720p webcam that’s attached to the client.
So now you can see your colleague’s face in all its blemish free glory!

6 Responses to “How to Enable HD Video for Lync 2010”

  1. soder said


    you must be kidding: restart the FE service just to get such a minor thingy enabled?

  2. Joao Silva said

    Hello there,

    I just run the cmdlet and restart server, but on Lync Control Painel I still get only vga and cif modes.
    My Lynk clients are using Microsoft HD LifeCam’s, and they still working on VGA mode.

    wait for news

  3. Mino said

    Hi ,

    what you see in the control panel is the conferencing not the peer to peer , and yes the maximum in the conferencing is VGA and not HD.
    HD works only in peer to peer and you must be running on Quad core processor or else it will not work.
    this command just extends the client policy to support HD , rather than using group policy.

    if the Local PC running HD Cam is quad core processor and high specs from both sides then it will work HD 720 ,even if the camera supports full HD 1080P

  4. uni5comms said

    What if the the PC is not a Quad core machine? Is there a registry key to force the PC to do 720p HD call?

  5. pesos said

    Does p2p work when two clients are external and connected through edge? All our users are on the wan so no one connects internally to the FE server – everyone goes through the edge server via SSL. Will p2p still work or is the edge having to route everything?


  6. Ralph said

    Typical Microsoft half ass job. In today’s world it is inexcusable to limit ANY call to VGA. What about a conference call between three sites each with a bunch of people at a wide conference table. It is ridicules that you can not use wide screen options to be able to view the whole table in a decent resolution.

    I work in higher ed, we have a lot of distance learners we need to be able to do a conference type of call for the purpose of doing a pre-test review. With out HD wide screen the video of the professor and the black board area is to small to be of much value to the receiving end. Microsoft needs to fix this, the hit on bandwidth is irrelevant and for the end user to worry about not MS. If they don’t have the band with in their network then they can just not use the feature, but to make it none existent is not acceptable. Once again Microsoft has teased us with a potentially good product and then hampers it so that it becomes less useful than the competitors such as Skype etc.

    Do they not have ANY forward thinking people that work for them?????????????

    Ralph Malph

    PS Thanks for info on how to at least fix the deficiency for the P to P calling.

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