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Microsoft UC vs Cisco UC

Posted by Mino on October 31, 2010

8 Responses to “Microsoft UC vs Cisco UC”

  1. I want to thank you for posting this because it is very important to show the difference between both systems and I think that these information should be seriously taken into consideration especially by the Sales pple.

    Lync is really a revolution in the communication industry.

  2. ucin2010 said

    That picture is misleading….if there is going to be a comparison for example between servers its very easy to turn the tables and say…Cisco, 1 cluster of applicances, and Microsoft multiple 12 to 15+ for lync. Let’s be realistic about comparing the vendors.

  3. Mino said

    Not with Lync my friend 🙂

    1- Full virtualization Support for all roles
    2- Servers already consolidated ( Front end IM, AV, WebConf + Mediation + Web Access ) on Single Server , which makes them 2 servers if you want high availability.

  4. Robert said

    OCS R2 – I threw out my beloved PBX. IM started to replace email. LiveMeeting saved us money Federated with clients. Managed data leakage and compliance legislation. Done in 4 weeks for 300 users.

    Lync = It gets even easier!

    We did the Maths on the whole estate hardware,license – even training and $ wise Cisco was dearer and more “complicated” to fully build and support. The graphic above reminds me of the notes I scribbled a year and half ago when weighing up the various vendors. Working for a large law firm I had to get it right. I bought in to the Microsoft stack and seen the light and not looking back. Slightly jealous now everyone else has started to do it.

  5. matt said

    This is misleading, this shows many optional cisco pieces. For example, with cupc, cucimoc is not needed and vice versa, also meetingplace is no more, now all you need is webex node. So a more realistic comparison is to show cisco with cucm/unity/office/cupc/webexnode. All cisco devices can be virtualized into 2 servers (redundant pair). Also this doesn’t take into account the ease of setup and installation of cisco (put in the disc, ip info and done), since cisco uses an appliance based philosophy. In addition, it will always be hard to beat cisco if integrated into a cisco network, due to the fact so much of the qos and firewall integration is seamless and easily deployed. Lync comes a long way, but is not there yet, especially from the telecom/dial plan configuration side. Both Cisco and Microsoft have compelling products here.

  6. Adam said

    I completely disagree with what Matt says. Lync is a great system and Cisco is over complicating things with too many components and constant reliance on hardware and also assuming you’re running on over priced Cisco hardware in your network to begin with. It comes down to whether or not you want to waste money on Cisco when Cisco isn’t even needed. Not to mention, whats the point of Cisco when you have it all in one product that Microsoft provides. You can do exactly what Cisco does plus more at a cheaper price. Also integrating in to the number one best selling OS of all time Windows 7.

  7. Greg said

    I agree with Matt. This is very much so misleading. Cisco is MUCH simpler and more flexible by far. It also has better service for one and is more reliable. There is a reason Cisco is still standing. It may not appear that way if you aren’t a partner which means you cant buy the high end equipment in the first place… but theres a reason for that also. Cisco cares about their reputation and wants to make sure they have knowledgeable partners for implementing these devices.

    You can get a UC540 Appliance and some SPA 500 Series Phones and then use some existing phone lines or a sip trunk or two if you want and the great thing is you can configure it all through the Configuration Assistant GUI with templates for MANY designs and you can even request Cisco (if you are a certified or higher partner) to make a template for you so you do not have to mess around with the CLI.

    It can’t get any simpler than Cisco as Matt said especially with other Cisco products in the picture. The great thing too is that its not proprietary like Microsoft! I can use any SIP endpoint I want with this system. I can have multiple sip trunks with custom templates or pre defined ones. I can use the templates that are already available for the phones or I can make the template my own. All of this with the help of Cisco’s Team of managers and engineers (which is US/the partners as a community). Its not hard to become Select Certified. It involves about a week of training and 65 dollars per test and there are 2 of them you must take.

    I am a Cisco Select Certified Partner with a Specialization in SMB

    I was also teaching the two year CCNA curriculum/Cisco Networking Academy when I was 16-17 at my local High School.

  8. ROBERT from MacRoberts again. Seriously after four years now of Microsoft Lync i cant imagine anything easier to setup and manage. To be fair we,brought in a company called Exactive to install OCS way at the start of our journey and after that life is soooo simple. Lync 2013 makes it easy and for me ditching the PBX saved,money and,made life easier for me and hugley improved our internal unified comms. Setting up Lync is so well documented and easy to do even i did it and am not super clever. Just a plain old infrastructure,type who read the manual
    license cost for enterprise voice client and the application plus server license and throw in a sip trunk or isdn gateway and its done. I wish i was paid by Microsoft to justify my enthusiasm but it really is simple to folks like me brought up on running Microsoft software,like Exchange and windows. No need for expensive hardware, strange techie pbx equipment with expensive badges on them. LYNC all the way

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