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Lync by LINK , Full Lab Setup at Microsoft Egypt premises

Posted by Mino on November 16, 2010

Last week we built Lab setup for Lync at Microsoft Egypt premises , Fady Eskander from our technical team in LINK Development was responsible for it and I was helping. The aim of this setup was to showcase Lync up and running fully featured but more from the end user  experience .

For this we simulated 6 different types of users , each on his desk with different endpoints even for the same user. I can tell you that whoever walked in that room to give it a try was really impressed and mostly with the wide range of endpoints and how flexible it is to just unplug and plug devices between different users … Yes Lync rocks and that’s a Fact .

I just thought to share with you some photos of the setup , excuse us if it was not yet clean but these shots were taken at the testing stage and not the final one 🙂

For our setup we used the following :

  • IBM Server ( 24 GB RAM ) , holding all VMs ( DC, Exchange, SQL , Lync FE , Lync Monitor, SharePoint)
  • 6 Notebooks ,for 6 types of users where each is on his desk
  • NET media gateway , VX1200 mainly for the SIP server built in on that box. we used SIP to register non Lync sip phones and also we used it for Nokia & Blackberry phones to make Wifi VOIP calls through SIP clients ( Ooooh that was really worth testing )
  • NET media gateway , Tenor AF mainly for FXS and FXO ports . we connected Old Analog phone ( my favorite Old Phone 🙂 )
  • Ericson PrimaCell gateway , this is a GSM gateway where u just put your mobile SIM card and connect it on FXO port. we used it to place inbound and outbound calls ( very useful for moving demos , u don’t need to ask the client for testing line )
  • Polycom Phones ( CX700 , CX500 , VVX ,RoundTable  )
  • Aastra Phone (6725ip)
  • Plantronics endpoints (Savi W430-M Bluetooth , Blackwire C420-M USB headset ,Calisto P420 USB speaker ,Calisto P210-M USB handset)
  • Jabra endpoints ( Jabra GO™ 6400 , Jabra GN9300e , Jabra M5390 )
  • Microsoft Web Cams ( HD Cams & 2MP Cams )

Now I can leave you with the photos


This user got Polycom CX500 , also 2 Plantronics endpoints ( External Speaker ) , ( Bluetooth headset )


This user got Aastra phone , Polycom ( RoundTable ) ,also connected to it Plantronics Savi W430-M( Bluetooth headset ) , ( Handset lifter ) Oooh that lifter really looked cool when you answer the calls through the Bluetooth headset it just lifts the handset up to pickup the call and once you finish it places it back down..


This user simulated the call center agent , he is part of Lync response group which we created for helpdesk. as an agent he is using Polycom ( CX300 ) USB phone and connected to it is Plantronics Blackwire C420-M ( Headset )


This user got Polycom ( CX700 ) touch screen phone with Lync firmware installed , also connected to it is Jabra GN9300e  (Bluetooth headset )



This user is using Polycom Video phone ( VVX ) , this phone is not optimized to Lync usage however it is registered through SIP over the media gateway and also it can provide point to point video calls. The user also is using Plantronics Calisto P210-M ( USB handset )


This is just to show you the round table on full screen , the quality is really great and I wanted so much to give it a try on Plazma screen.


And Finally , the backstage setup with the Macaroni cables 🙂 . yes we all know that look and somehow we got used to it.

Lync launch is tomorrow and I am so excited for it just like all of you , cuz I know its gonna be a great year and we will definitely give hard time for Cisco and Avaya ….Booo 🙂

9 Responses to “Lync by LINK , Full Lab Setup at Microsoft Egypt premises”

  1. Glenn Makowski said

    Awesome set-up mate nice one! Great photos and good to see Polycom kit working in the solution!

  2. hehe macaroni cables I like that 🙂 very nice setup with polycom in action 🙂

  3. Vadim said

    Hi Mino,

    Have you succeeded in connecting Tenor AF to Lync Server? I spent about three days of digging in Config Manager settings, and all I’ve got is busy tone at FXS side and Service Unavailable in SIP trace from Lync Server :((((

  4. Mino said

    AF works for outbound only but inbound from PSTN or from FXS is not working for me , it worked well with the VX.
    still under investigation

  5. Jennifer said

    Hi Mino,

    can you share with me your configuration for VVX1500 to connect to Lync through VX1200? I can only get audio work, but not the video.

  6. Chris said

    Hi Mino,

    I have a Lync Server Test Lab with 2 Videosystems (Polycom HDX 8000), some CX 500 and CX 600 Phones, some Clients with the CX5000 RTCam or other Webcams and i also have two VVX 1500 VOIP Phones, which are connected to an Asterisk PBX. The Asterisk is connected to sipgate and to the lync server (via sip trunk).
    My Question is – can u make video calls from vvx to a lync client or only from vvx to vvx? I could manage to make p2p calls (vvx to vvx) only.

  7. roosevelt said


    Can you guide me through the portech gsm gateway setup to integrate with lync server? I’ll be so grateful if you did.

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  9. e song said


    It’s so nice work. now I am trying to set up lync 2010 server with vvx1500, cx3000, and MS roundtable.
    When I connected vvx1500 to lync 2010, I couldn’t get a line because of a login problem.
    Could I know the setting values and procedure for vvx1500?
    If you still remember it, please let me know.
    Thank you

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