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The UC Guy is now Branded :-)

Posted by Mino on March 5, 2009

I was walking in Dubai Mall and I found a place where you can Print anything , So I though to do some Marketing for the Brand lolllll .

I Love it


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OCS Integration with AVAYA ( 2 of 2 )

Posted by Mino on February 1, 2009

In the last post we talked about the Microsoft Story of the Integration using the AVAYA SES Server , now we will talk about the AVAYA story of integration which is using the AVAYA Application enablement Server ( AES )

in this scenario AVAYA uses the RCC mode or the Enterprise voice with PBX integration , thats why we need AVAYA AES Server where it will be integrating with the OCS Front end not with the Mediation. actually there will be no need for the mediation server because all the call processing will happen on the AVAYA side and the communicator client will act only as a skin or soft phone for the AVAYA PBX .

this is not the favorite scenario for microsoft as it is like the LCS with RCC which is not the Microsoft vision for moving to Microsoft IP PBX in 2010.

anyway in this scenarion you will be able to have one single extension for both AVAYA and OCS where both ends will ring , we do that by defining a static route on the oce front end server to map any communication for a client with a servers uri matching AES FQDN ” aes.mydomain.com”  to the IP of the AES Server with its static port.

on the other hand we configure the user with Server URI and Telephone URI matching the AVAYA Extension and the AVAYA AES Server. please keep in my that AES Server needs to communicate over TLS with OCS which means that certificate must be confugured right on the AES server , plus there is a trick with the Active directory user configured on the AES Server , if this is not configured right then u will get an error on the communicator client with ” NO Phone System “.



























Good thing : Single extension for both AVAYA and OCS

Bad thing : 1- High cost for this feature only ( 60$ per person ) , 2- OCS conferencing is dimmed 

I am not recomending this type of integration because in the end it is just a soft phone not the OCS with its features , if this is what you are looking for  then use AVAYA softphone  and the OCS wont be needed.

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