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Users migrated from OCS 2007 RTM version to R2 version will get an error that all contact’s presence is “Unknown”

Posted by Mino on April 10, 2009

Local cache of MOC client problem. MOC failed to update current status of

Delete local cache.
Location is
“%userprofile%\local settings\application data\Microsoft\Communicator”.

Simple and Quick 🙂

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Communicator 2007 R2 Custom Tabs Custom Tab not showing up

Posted by Mino on February 5, 2009

Issue: Custom Tab not showing up
OCS Platform: OCS 2007 R2 Standard running on Windows 2008
OS/Client Running Windows Vista x32 with MOC 2007 R2.
Application: Response Group app.. Configured my MOC user as a a formal


as per the Microsoft R2 guide for the Custom tabs I Created local tab.xml file and configured registry to point to it per
MS documentation:

Registry key :   TabURL REG_SZ file:///c:\Tabs.xml.


and the XML file was like the below 

<?xml version=”1.0″?>
<name>Response Group Tab</name>
<tooltip>Response Group Tab</tooltip>


I am able to browse to both the PNG and tab.aspx using I.E without
prompts or warnings. Has anyone run across this?



The Problem was simply with the below line :


In the original Microsoft guide it is mentioned to write <contactid>true</contactid> in the XML file , simply change it to false and it will work fine.

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