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Posted by Mino on March 4, 2009

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There’s a showdown brewing between Microsoft and Cisco in the UC space. Both companies offer a lot of different products, some overlap and some don’t. I made a chart below to show where the products that do overlap stack up.

If you believe that the future is based on a software-powered universe, you’d have to put your money on Microsoft

Feature  Cisco Product  Microsoft Product 
Telephony / Call Control  Unified Communications Mgr.  OCS 2007 R2 
A/V Conferencing  MeetingPlace / MeetingPlace Express
Web Conferencing  WebEx / MeetingPlace
Presence / IM  Cisco Unified Presences (CUPS) 
IVR / Speech Applications  Cisco IPIVR / IPCCX
Softphone  IP Communicator 
Video Calling  Unified Voice (formerly VT Advantage)
Voice Mail  Unity / Unity Connections  Exchange 2007 

One of the other major things MS has going for them is price. It’s not fair to Cisco to tally up all the licenses in the table above and compare it to an OCS ECAL per user, although that’s how you had to buy those products until recently. They’ve taken another cue from MS and unified the licensing.

Cisco have changed the licensing structure so customers can buy the above products in a unified bundle (CUWL) per user, so the pricing is much easier to swallow. Here’s how this breaks down:

Features  Cisco CUWL Pricing  Microsoft ECAL Pricing 
Voice, Presence, AV, Etc 






Required Maintenance*



Total (MSRP)



*CUWL requires 3 years of maintenance @ $125 a year

This is all list price and subject to great variance

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Microsoft Unified Communications endpoints

Posted by Mino on October 12, 2008

I have been testing some Nortel UC endpoints in my office and they are doing great , i already got them beside our CIsco 7940 IP Phone and let me say that i stoped using the Cisco and enjoying my LG-Nortel color phone .

Those Endpoints either are standalone IP endpoints with Communicator built in or as USB handsets that are driven by Office Communicator on the desktop.

IP Phones

1- The LG-Nortel IP Phone 8540 is an intelligent IP Phone that helps improve productivity and work performance for information workers

2- The LG-Nortel USB Phone is designed to deliver a high-quality user experience.

3- The NEC UC USB Phone is a USB device that can be plugged directly into a PC USB port, enabling high-quality wideband sound

4- The Polycom CX200 Desktop Phone helps to enable hands-free calls with remarkable wideband voice quality from a PC.

5- The Polycom CX700 IP Phone is a standalone IP phone with remarkable wideband voice quality and large touch-screen color display.

6- The ViTELiX VX-200 helps turn a PC into a multifunctional, high-quality telephone extension.

7- The ViTELiX VX-100 helps turn a PC into a multifunctional, high-quality telephone extension.

8- The ViTELiX VX-200 Duo helps turn a PC into a multifunctional, high-quality telephone extension and has an additional standard telephone socket at the rear.

9- The Jabra GN9330 USB Headset is among the first wireless office headsets to offer true wideband audio

10- The LG-Nortel Bluetooth Headset is a wireless solution helping users to make or receive calls on their PCs without speakerphones

11- The Polycom CX100 Speakerphone helps to enable hands-free calls with remarkable wideband voice quality from a PC

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