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How to get save password option for Office Communicator users

Posted by Mino on May 24, 2009

Open Registry editor and locate the following key:

HKLM/Software/Policies/Microsoft/Communicator,  and set SavePassword=1.  

This enables a checkbox to save password in MOC login dialogue.

After the password is entered it is saved into the registry


This registry key store in hashed value. Changing the hash requires re-entering the password.

Note: You may want to use this option if MOC users login from workgroup machine, or Kerberos authentication is not working

Source :http://www.ocspedia.com/FE/How_to_Save_Password_MOC.htm

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Adding Distribution Groups to Office communicator ( MOC )

Posted by Mino on October 8, 2008

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As long as the distribution group has the e-mail attribute filled in, OCS expansion will function.

Searching for Sales, we will see that it will display our Sales group.  We can add this group to our contacts list and we can expand the group information.

Your Communicator client will refresh the membership information every so often to determine for distribution group modifications.  After some messing around with this, I see this is separate from the Address Book syncing as I attempted to manually syncronize the Address Book service and even went as far as deleting the GalContacts.db file on our client to force a re-download of the Address Book files.

For those that do not know, the Address Book files is what allow our clients to search for SIP enabled users and Distribution Groups.  It also providers other functionality such as Phone Number Normalization when doing Remote Call Control.  This information gets stored on our client as GalContacts.db in “%userprofile%\ Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Communicator\.”  The Address Book gets updated in OCS every 24 hours which can be expedited by navigating to the following directory and running the following command:

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