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0x2ee7/0 Update error on Old Tanjay Phone trying to update from OCS R2 Server

Posted by Mino on April 10, 2009

Just Another strange problem that kept me awake for 3 days and it was solved by a small action.

I have implemented OCS 2007 R2 Edition Enterprise Front End running on windows 2008, connected to SQL 2008 Backend Server which is also running on windows 2008. The front End is using a file share which is running on windows 2008 too.

I received a Tanjay phone so I had to do the normal steps of updating the firmware to make it work with the R2 , I had a look for sure at the Rui Silva link which really explains in details how the update process goes.

According to the Microsoft document and all blogs you have to do the following before you plug the phone:

·         Create an A record in your DNS with ucupdates-r2.<DNS domain name and point it to your front end server IP or the pool IP

·         Make sure that your domain name is provided into the DHCP scope options 119 and 015

·         Download the latest firmware version, (3.5.6907.0). The downloaded file is a self-extracting executable that contains a .cab archive with all the supported phones.

·         From the Front end server, run the Device Update Service Management Console: open the OCS R2 Management Console, right click the pool and select Device Updater. From the Tools menu, click Upload .cab File, navigate to the .cab file that you want to upload, and then click Open.

·         After the update file is uploaded ,the corresponding firmware can be approved for all devices in the organization by selecting it and then clicking Approve

·         Plug the phone and leave it even without sign in and it will take IP from the DHCP and then asks the DHCP for the Domain name provided in the scope options and after it does that it will go to the DNS and asks for the record ucupdates-r2 under that domain name it received and then it will know from which OCS it should get its updates.

·         If the version of the device is less than 1.0.522.98 ( which is my case ), it will first get updated to an interim build (1.0.522.103) that comes with OCS 2007 R2. This means that, in this case, 2 upgrade cycles are necessary before the device gets the approved/pending build.

Till now all things sounds normal and fine for me and I did all that by the book , however I found that I am not able to take the updates and I am getting on the phone update error (0x2ee7/0) . After some searching I found that this error means “12007 ERROR_INTERNET_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED The server name could not be resolved

Hmmm, Interesting …why would it say so?!!!, ok then I did some more troubleshooting

·         On the Front end I Confirmed that a Virtual Directory named OCInterim is created under the DeviceUpdateFiles_Int and DeviceUpdateFiles_Ext folders in IIS. This folder contains the interim version (1.0.522.103) necessary for devices that are currently with version 1.0.522.98 or lower.

·         I made sure that all these directories doesn’t require SSL , I went to the IIS 7 and clicked on the virtual directories then SSL and made sure that the option require SSL option is not checked

·         I tried to Open a browser and navigate to the URL that contains the update (for example http://ocs.demo.local/DeviceUpdateFiles_Int/UCPhone/LG-Nortel/IP8540/A/ENU/ 3.5.6907.0/CPE/CPE.nbt). I was able to download the CPE.nbt file. A common cause of problems for the Enterprise version has to do with permissions in the shared updates folder. If that’s the case, you’ll get a 500 HTTP error in the IIS log, but in my case it was fine.

·         As I was trying to update a really old version of the software, I made sure that’s not blocked by the Client Version Filter. Using the OCS Management Console, right click the pool name, select Filtering Tools and then Client Version Filter. Edit the OCPhone field to allow rather than block.

·         I used wbemtest on the Front end server and I looked for the string MSFT_SIPUpdatesServerSetting , navigated to InternalUpdatesDownloadURL and  InternalUpdatesStoreURL . They were NULL so I thought that was the problem and I edited the entry to include this InternalUpdatesDownloadURLhttps://FQDN-front-end/RequestHandler/ucdevice.upx   InternalUpdatesStoreURL: http://FQDN-front-end/DeviceUpdateFiles_Int

I was sooo sure it will work and the phone will take the updates but Naaaa , it just kept giving me the same stupid error .

To make long story short, here is what I have tried and it solved my problem , I configured WINS with a new record named UCUPDATES pointing to the front end.

Yes WINS and UCUPDATES not UCUPDATES-R2, this has nothing to do with the DNS A record but in the end it appeared that the phone was too old to communicate well with the DNS and specially that it was not running R2 framework then how would it understand the DNS A record of UCUPDATES-R2 !!!

Once I did that and restarted the Phone, the error is gone and in 3 minutes I found it restarting for the first time and after another 3 minutes it restarted for the Second time and here it is running the latest R2 framework.

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